The Auto Vacuum Storage Box that Preserves Longer and Holds More

One-click to lock freshness into your food, flavor into your ingredients, and healthiness into your diet.

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One Click = Lasting Freshness

Now your food will always taste like it did on the first day. Just press a button, and in less than a minute you’ll lock in freshness and taste that your family can enjoy every day – while staying super healthy!
5 times
-40 kPa

Vacuum Stability 24/7

YOLIN is equipped with a 24-hour monitoring system that always maintains the internal vacuum. Whenever the internal pressure drops, it automatically starts the vacuum mode again. So you can sleep easy knowing your food will be fresh in the morning!

24 hours
Vacuum Stability
Vacuum System

60 Days of Battery Life

2 hours to fully charge means 2 months of uninterrupted battery life. So, less plugging in and more convenience.
60 Days
2 hours
Fully Charge

A Friend to All Types of Food

Meat, seafood, fruit, produce, snacks, YOLIN is designed to keep them all crisp, invigorating and delectable. No matter what it is, YOLIN will maintain its freshness. Always.
All Type
of Foods

Care More, Waste Less

YOLIN offers containers in two different sizes (3L/6L), and each lid has the same dimensions. you can use either lid to seal either container. With YOLIN, large food items like fish, spaghetti and baguettes will never go to waste again.
3L volume
Small Size
6L volume​
Large Size

Launching Soon on Indiegogo

Sign Up and Get Super Early Bird Price ( Up to 40% Off )


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